What is Casino Streaming?

Exactly what is Casino Streaming? To understand the concept further, you must first realize that the moniker is born of two words: Casino and Streaming. A casino is an establishment that allows punters to gamble while streaming is the act of transferring something over the internet in real time – mainly videos. Casino Streaming is, therefore, the live broadcast of casino games over the internet for people to either watch for fun, or participate in as interactive play.

How Do I Get Some Casino Streaming Action?

Now that the question “What is casino streaming?” has been answered, the next logical step would be figuring out how to do it. One must first decide what type of streaming he would like done. Would you like for people to watch you as you play or would you rather play on an interactive platform? If you would like to stream your gameplay, all you need is a computer with decent CPU power and strong internet as well as a Twitch account, as most gaming streams happen to be on Twitch. Speaking of which, Twitch has gained popularity over the years with the average streamer now having up to 500 followers on the site.

If you would like to play, however, you may simply log onto whichever casino you like that happens to have a live casino section and pick a game out of their live casino and start playing with people from all around the world. Live casino games are mostly table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker and when playing the live versions, happen to have an actual human dealer. They are an experience one would love to have.

Who Are The Top Casino Streamers?

Yes, there are people who do this for a living and they are mainly based on either Twitch or Youtube. They usually receive income from the casinos they play at as a result of the attention and traffic they bring the casino- most streamers leave a link to the casino they play at. If they operate from YouTube, they earn from paid advertisements. Now to the matter at hand, who are they? One of the more famous ones has to be Vitus, who recently won a 13 Million RUbles jackpot playing the progressive Divine Fortune slot game and proceeded to play in the morning still. His page is called Ludomania Casino Streams on YouTube.

Another Streamer goes by the moniker Mr Slotshunter on YouTube but his real name is Shamilan. He is also a native of Russia with 14 thousand subscribers on YouTube. He not only posts videos playing casino games but also vlogs his daily life. When it comes to live casinos, the best streams are usually provided by Net Entertainment or Evolution Gaming. They provide the best technology when it comes to table games, allowing an infinite number of gamers to play at once on the same table under the same dealer.

What Is Casino Streaming: Interact In Real Time With Fellow Punters.

Casino Streaming: A Quick Summary

By now, the question, “What is casino streaming?” should be sufficiently answered and you should already know the way forward if you were looking to gain some direction. In short, casino streaming falls into two categories- that composed of people who watch others play for fun and that composed of people playing with each other. Whereas both are fun, one entails a single person playing while his audience watches while the other has multiple parties playing together.