Slot Overview: Wild Buccaneers Megaways

Four Leaf Gaming’s Wild Buccaneers Megaways is the developer’s second slot and its first to feature the Megaways format. This is a pirate-themed slot that, like Four Leaf Gaming’s first release, Clover Fortunes, is loaded with bonus options for increased betting potential. Let’s get all salty and take on one of the gaming world’s “Swiss Army Knives,” if that sounds interesting.

Wild Buccaneers Megaways is a more classic pirate-themed slot, in contrast to Clover Fortunes’ woodland fairies theme. Since all of the players are animals rather than human swashbucklers, perhaps it isn’t as traditional as it might have been. Even though Four Leaf Gaming put in the effort to design a visually appealing and evocative slot, gambling is the main attraction, and there are several methods for players to place bets. A lively pirate music adds to the lighthearted mood created by the animals’ activities.

Regular bets ranging from 10 p/c to £/€100 are available in Wild Buccaneers Megaways on any device. The reels of this incredibly risky slot machine may carry anywhere from 2 to 7 different icons. The number of possible paylines ranges from 64 to 117,649, depending on the symbol combination. The total return to player value is 95%, with hits occurring at a rate of around 1 in 4.

Moving on to signs, we have aces and kings down low, and monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, and tigers up top. A payment of 0.8-1.2x the wager for matching royals or 2-50x the stake for six matching premiums is awarded for a successful six-symbol combination. The wild symbol, which may replace regular pay symbols, is the final topic to discuss before diving into Wild Buccaneers Megaways’ extensive set of bonus features.

Slot Machine Features, Megaways, Wild Buccaneers

Extras in Wild Buccaneers Megaways aren’t simply many; they interact with one another, trigger one another, and may set off chain reactions that lead to extremely long and complex gambling adventures.

Nero Reels

To begin, Nitro Spins have a 50% higher stake cost without any corresponding rise in symbol values. Instead, when Nitro Spins are activated, extra scatters, multipliers of greater value, wilds, and chests with free spins appear along the Trail. More Megaways may be activated, more coins may be collected in less time, and the Fortune Spinner may be used more frequently. …and let out a deep breath.


The traditional Megaways cascade feature eliminates winning symbols from the reels and makes room for fresh symbols to fall in their place. A fresh victory will set off yet another chain reaction. At the same time, the Treasure Chests on the Trail advance with each successive cascade. As more and more cascades occur, the multipliers, wilds, and free spins found in the chests increase. Wild chests turn all symbols underneath them wild, and the treasure chest triggers 10 free games with multipliers added.

Bonus Spins with the Wild Buccaneers

Free games may also be triggered by collecting 4 scatter symbols in a row, which awards 10 games + 2 games for each additional scatter symbol in view. The next step is for the player to decide whether to cash out their winnings from the free spins or risk their money in a gamble. You may choose how many free spins you want to risk, and a wheel will show you the potential payout alongside red and green segments that indicate the gamble’s success or failure. You may win up to 25 free spins, or you could lose it all.

The last Treasure Trail Multiplier activated in a free spin will be the first activated in the following free spin. Wild chests still make the symbols directly below them wild, and free spins chests still grant an additional two free games when activated.

Extra Do-Over

If your final win during the free spins round is less than 80 times your wager, you may use the Bonus Replay function to risk your earnings and try again. A merry go round with red and green parts is in motion. Whenever you win, the bonus will restart. If you lose, you’ll have to start over without any of your progress.

Finders of Fortune

If a player gets a win of at least 80 times their wager during a round of free spins, they will have the option to either collect their earnings or risk a portion of them in the Fortune Finder feature. When you click on the Fortune Finder game, a screen with 16 chests and an escalating ladder of reward values will appear. The maximum payout for a single wager is 1,800 times the original stake. Next, players open each chest in turn. Players may advance up the reward ladder by uncovering four-leaf clovers, but uncovering a skull and crossbones would halt the feature and result in a loss of all bets. Players can choose up another chest once they’ve climbed the ladder.

Incredible Twister

Coins can appear alongside the regular symbols and be gathered. The Super Spinner can be activated at any moment, potentially providing 80-5,000x the wager in cash, 8-14 free spins, the Fortune Finder with 10-25x initial values, or 10-25 Lucky Spins (Nitro Spins).

Gamble and Win

When you click the Game & Fortune tab, a menu of choices will appear. Activating Nitro Spins, purchasing free spins at 90x the wager, or firing off a blast on the Super Spinner at 60x the bet may all be done here. The accumulated money can be used to pay for Nitro Spins or put toward the purchase of the other two features.

Slot Review: Wild Buccaneers Megaways

Wild Buccaneers Megaways may seem like one of those different chocolate boxes where you don’t know where to start chewing for people who prefer to try their luck at every other turn. To continue the chocolate box metaphor, participants can either nibble on each piece slowly or go in headfirst. While the progressive Treasure Trail is an interesting innovation, much of the central on-reels gameplay is rather typical fare. Megaways plus cascades are nothing new. Wild Buccaneers Megaways may not have the same utility as other slots because of all the added features it has. Having so many methods to approach the game and try one’s luck is akin to being at an amusement park after hours for the target population (casino streamers certainly included).

However, this is gambling, not a theme park, so not every ride will end in success. Fortunately, Four Leaf Gaming has included a sliding scale for the supplementary wagering, which is always a plus. As a result, you don’t have to risk all of your free spins at once if you don’t want to. The Fortune Finder function is the same way. You can be less heroic by setting aside a portion of the profit and gambling on its future growth. You may either play it safe, or go for broke. There’s a lot at stake, with the game’s developer mentioning a maximum payout of 50,000 times the initial wager.

Wild Buccaneers Megaways is similar to Clover Fortunes in many respects, but it advances the genre in several significant ways. The addition of Megaways gives the project more credibility, and the studio has stepped up its game to match the celebrity of the mechanic. As a follow-up to its predecessor, Wild Buccaneers Megaways is a more robust slot machine with more exciting features and greater potential as a gaming instrument.

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